View Full Version : how good is this diff.

2006.04.05, 04:39 PM
tower is selling a ****** SP ball diff. for 19.99.is it a good diff.plus will it fit rite in a iwaver 02

2006.04.09, 01:34 AM
I would either get a Kyosho or Atomic Ball Diff. It is hard to tell whether the one you posted would be a good diff, since it is not even available yet. I have never seen it before, nor heard about anyone that has used it. So get it if you want to be a guinee pig... You can allways get an Iwave ball diff from Toy_East if you want to go cheap with something that will handle alright. http://www. Toy East .com/v3/pdtdetail.asp?pdt_id=A02100540 I have used a few of them, and they are not bad... of course they are not the best that are out, but not the worst. Iwaver copied the best diff that was out :p