View Full Version : Tampa Bay Area/Fl. Racing

2006.04.06, 06:53 PM
All 1/28'th And Up+ scales welcome, mini-z's, xmod's, you name it.

I would like to plan to meet once a month, members will decide together what time is best for them and we will agree on one date, preferabley during the weekends.

There are 2 locations i am currentley aware of that we can race/chill at, One "Franks Trains And Hobbies" A Small onroad course good for Mini-z's and xmod's Located in the Oldsmar area.

They also hold races on wensday nights, right now with mini-z classes but if enough people of another rc car are formed, they will make a class for that also.


Two: B&B Hobbies, mainly focused on larger scales, but on saturdays the have the track open to the public, it's a 1/10 track so it is large. But it is also smooth. They also provide a Dirt track with ramps and all.


I would love for people of all areas near the Tampa Bay/FL. area to be able to join in the fun Hence the planned meeting once a month. Anyone interested pm me or email me at Tuner_1989@yahoo.com also leave a post.

I cannot wait to see how this will grow. My hopes are that we can form a group that we can all use to share the creativity and fun that comes with the hobby, and racing.