View Full Version : Lane size ?

2002.03.27, 08:37 AM
I want to make a track but i don't know wich lane size i should use.
Is 20" sufficient ?

2002.03.27, 09:14 AM
That seems to be a VERY debatable questions here. It depends on a number of factors. I am struggling with that right now myself with a 12x24' track. It seems that everyone is going for about 4-5" per number of cars you are going to run max. So if you are going to run 4 cars then you minimum width would be 16-20". 16" seems to be the minimum for any track. I plan on going in-between and run 18". Others will say that their track varies between 16 and 24". It also has to do with your own opinion and how much room you have to run. Hope this helps.

2002.03.27, 09:38 AM
Thank you !
I'm starting to build one next week.

2002.03.27, 11:58 AM
Who can give me some more advice about building a track!
Please let me know about it!

2002.03.27, 05:21 PM
Kyosho recommends 18". It depends on the number of cars running, the complexity of the course, and the skill of the drivers. As far as "how to" try the Search feature, and look for good tracks, then ask the people who made them how they did it. Thanks!