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2006.04.07, 08:50 PM
Our 2 firelaps arrived a few days ago, and I must say I am fairly impressed. For the price, both cars have worked fairly well.

Out of the box one of the firelaps had a broken piece, the one that holds down the on-off switch but that was easily fixed by just leaving it on and removing batteries when finished. The other one broke the front of the pcb cover, but it still works, so we have 2 kyosho skeleton chassis on the way.

Performance wise I love the firelaps! It feels like a luxury car compared to my iwaver 01 and xmods. The xmods are like big driving bricks compared to the smoothness of this. We have bearings, a ball diff, and 20 rears and 30 fronts on both, running mclaren bodies. It seems to have all 512 step proportional, and with adjustment tracks straight as an arrow and just feels great to drive.

The bodies pick up paint a little easier this time around; my silver body is already covered in yellow and purple paint. Besides the aforementioned parts nothing has broken and we are quit pleased overall.

On rcp the cars seem to fare very well, we have had a problem with the xmod controllers creating a dead spot on the track were the firelaps go hard right whenever they enter it, but itís not to big a deal. If the xmod controller is moved farther away or you stand right over the track itís fine. I have aluminum tie rods, stainless steel king pins, and some other trinkets to try out on the way, but so far the firelaps have met all expectations.


2006.04.12, 08:01 PM
Sorry for the double post.

An order came recently, containing two skeleton chassis, stainless king pins, aluminum tie rods and other trinkets. The lack of instructions for anything is fairly annoying; it caused a lot of headache.

Now, some impressions; the firelap board has bad wires, we broke 3 wires on each car switching to the skeleton chassis. The stock knuckles got bent on my car, but the plastic was soft enough to be bent back in to place.

The kyosho chassis is much stronger than the firelap one. It doesnít seem to have any flex, and all of the small parts are much stronger.

With the pinion centered, the motor broken in, and the ball diff adjusted along with bearings the car is whisper quiet and is a true joy to drive still.

Electronics seem to about on par with kyosho, though I did notice that it has shorter range and accepts more interference than kyoshos. The car may also have fewer steps, thatís hard for me to tell but it seems like it might. However, it still has plenty for me.

Total part breakage so far has been:
6 wires
one bent knuckle
one cracked pcb cover
one broken switch holder

With having owned the cars for one week, I can say that I am still quite pleased for the money. Total invested in each car is still less than a kyosho for now.


2006.04.21, 04:55 PM
Its good that u ordered parts for the iwaver cuz out of the box theres usually a problem