View Full Version : Just got a firelap 2.0 and have a ?????????

2006.04.08, 08:08 AM
OK guys see if u could help me here b/c im frustrated. I just received my firelap and I ran it and it was fine. Next day I put a new diff and wheels when I put it back together and try it when I try to go forward it goes backwards and when at hit reverse it goes forward? Any advice?????

2006.04.08, 08:52 AM
It is likely one of two things:

1) If you took the motor out, you might have put the wires back on the PCB backwards (you'd just need to switch them around).

2) You may have reversed the forward/reverse channel on your controller. The firelap controllers have many options, among them is the ability to reverse the channels (both steering and forward/reverse).

Hope that helps.