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2006.04.12, 03:35 AM
Hi ppl

Got some doubt about the atomic stock motor and kyosho xspeed. The atomic motor is very torque and give huge power at the instant you hit the throttle, but once you release it after full acceleration, it comes to stop very quickly.

Kyosho x speed is not that torque when started but it does gives higher speed and run more smoothly. once you release the throttle after full acceleration, it rolls to stop in longer time.

what is the reason behind this? is it the turns of the motor or the magnet strength? i did realise that the atomic stock motor has very strong magnet compare to x speed.

Will it help if i use a larger wires to connect the atomic motor to reduce resistance just to make it doesnt stop immediately once you stop hitting the throttle? Not sure if this make sense or not cos m not an electronic person.

Shed some light guys, thanks, much appreciated.


2006.04.12, 05:41 AM
As you pointed it's because of the strong magnets(Neodymium).

The armatures stack is made of iron, so when you arent acelarating the stronger magnet's have a more noticeable efect of drag brake on the motor.

To lessen that efect you can use a biger pinion / smal spur (careful if using stock fet's because it the motor will have a higer load ence higher amp draw)

And if using a 01 or similar board (no brakes) you can set the trim slightly foward. Unfortunately you will lose the reverse with 02 boards, because the trhotle trim must be at neutral...

2006.04.12, 11:50 AM
Thanks for the tips... does stronger magnet give higher torque? thanks

2006.04.12, 12:35 PM
The Neo magnets have more magnetism and higher torque for the same armature compared to Ferrite magnets (what is used in X-speed). I personally prefer the stronger magnets, and like the deceleration that they give. With practice, you can control the throttle to do what you want with the Neo motors to give you braking, while a Ferrite motor you would actually have to hit the brakes every once in a while.

Many racers at my local track prefer the roll on of ferrite magnet motors, if you stay on the throttle a hair with the Neo magnet motors you will have the same effect. As PT said, generally people use a higher tooth pinion with the Neo magnet motors. I see this as another plus, since the more teeth you have in a pinion, the longer the pinion will last and the better the mesh will be with the spur gear.

2006.04.12, 02:31 PM
Thanks EMU, I guess i will use the NEO magnet at the moment, use it on overland and when climbing and decending i guess the 'automatic' brake does give very good control especially going down hill.

Thanks very much

2006.04.13, 12:16 PM
I enjoy using a stock X-speed in my MR-02 for the smoothness. The motor also gets faster and faster with age and lasts a long time. Not much torque but with an MR-02 you are fine.