View Full Version : LOL! dumb @$$ puts body on backwards!

2006.04.12, 09:44 PM
this is so funny! go to atatomic mods and see for your self!

MINIz guy11
2006.04.12, 09:56 PM
so thats why that body looked weird. LMAO. i like that site

2006.04.12, 10:36 PM
lmao..it would look pretty cool running backwards though.

off topic...check out e b a y....there's a auction posted up by speedologist ..item # (6051059264). Speedologist is the guy that makes those "big block v10" motors. He claims that the MZM is a 4 wheel drive :eek:

2006.04.25, 12:42 AM
Imagine it doing a wheelie with the front of the car going down, lol atomicmods is getting pretty retarded these days.

2006.04.25, 06:19 AM
Its atomicmods, what do you expect? :rolleyes:

2006.04.25, 06:21 AM
I like the spelling of their url in the bottom corner too...
More than likely an intentional photo so some one posts it on a forum like this, and gets ppl to goto the site...

2006.06.17, 01:54 PM
darn, they changed it . . . :p about time!

2006.06.18, 11:57 AM
Do any of you have a monster? I hate to break it to you, but that picture is correct. The back is a wheelie bar.

2006.06.18, 11:58 AM
they FIXED the pic finaly. look at my post above. they changed it and named it the same so it updated itself!

2006.06.18, 12:09 PM
I thought you meant they changed the url.

lol aw I missed it. Do you have a copy of the original?

2006.06.18, 12:13 PM
sadly, no i dont

2006.06.18, 06:56 PM
I am sure that Mr. Byrd (the guy that setup Atomic Mods) has been here and has seen this thread. I have seen the old picture, and think it may have been a test.