View Full Version : Zap Toys Mini Crusher

2006.04.13, 04:50 AM
Sorry if this has already been mentioned. I saw these at Wal-mart yesterday for $30, didn't buy one. The box says they are proportional and 4WD. They look quite toy-ish, but might be fun for the modders. http://www.zaptoy.com.hk/product/MiniCrusher/main.htm

2006.04.13, 07:45 PM
i highly doubt that for 30 bucks it propo but you never know

2006.04.13, 08:05 PM
I saw them to they look like a MZM ripoff.

2006.04.23, 09:02 PM
i just bought one and they are propo. just cant find their upgrade stuff.. and i might be changing the motor out soon .. for something faster.. it looks to be a speed300 or maybe even a 280