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2006.04.13, 11:25 AM
I like how you guys focus solely on the mini-z and those that are similar to the mini-z. there are so many other sites out there that is it nice to have one spot to find this information and to be able to talk about it.

2006.04.13, 11:42 AM
Welcome to Z land. if you can't find what you need, just ask. The people here are friendly for the most part and will happily answer your questions and/or point you to the right thread.

2006.05.12, 04:38 PM
This certainly is a great website dedicated to mini-z's, it rules all

2006.05.15, 12:34 AM

welcome to the forums... briankstan is right... you will find almost anything and everything on and about mini-z's here...

not to mention some other things related to the micro mini r/c hobby...

and other things not related to the micro mini r/c hobby...

but for the most part... it's all usually about mini-z's as the website points out... :D