View Full Version : miniz z awd conversion to overland

2006.04.13, 01:23 PM
somebody try to make a Overland 4x4 with a miniz awd chassis? :cool:


pomme de terre
2006.04.13, 09:18 PM
It would be weird and difficult since one is solid axle and one has independant suspension. I also dont know how you would keep the driveshaft in place while the overlands suspension is in movement or when its articulating...

2006.04.14, 10:55 AM
model it after a xmod truck. the rear and front articulates around the driveshaft it should work if i had an overland and a extra awd i would try it.

pomme de terre
2006.04.14, 02:56 PM
Well one thing about the xmod truck is that the suspension really isnt all that great... especially for an offroader.

If you look at most bigger scale 4WD solid axle trucks, youll see that they usually use dogbones of some type to drive the front axle and another for the rear axle. I havent seen a solid axle truck with a driveshaft to the axles before...

2006.04.15, 08:27 AM
yea the dogbones in the xmod trucks arent great at all they break sorta easily

2006.04.15, 04:06 PM
Check out the old Tamiya Bruiser, a 4X4 with straight axles, front mounted motor, center mounted transfer case, ladder frame, and leaf springs.....one of the most "Real" R/C's to ever be built.

2006.04.16, 08:37 AM
DB. That brings back memories. I used to own one of those back in the late eighties. I sold it to my best friend and his ex wife took off with it when they divorced. He wasn't happy about it. Yours seem to still be in good condition. :)

2006.04.16, 09:21 AM
what were those trucks rcp used for his rock crawling course? it looks like soo much fun :) typically i don't care for monster trucks but the idea or trials course driving is tempting.

2006.04.16, 01:38 PM
Tamiya really did a good job with that truck! That is sweet!

2006.04.16, 05:28 PM
Can always wait for my AWD chassis kits ;)

This time the design is 99.999999% done... I just have to find an affordable source to make the parts... however it would not make a very good rock climber... its more of a rally chassis, buggy, stadium truck... but it has a LOT of ground clearance with monster rims/tires so who knows... ;)

Its just a solid center axle, with 4 half shafts at each tire. The half shafts are what I fear will break... so I am going directly to titanium as the stock material... this kit will NOT be cheap, and I am expecting it to not need any after market/hop ups at all... but who knows... there will be a width, and length kit to make it longer for trucks and wider for the monster rims... F1 tires should fit on it fine, so possibly a few lexan body mount kits for the Nascar lexans...

2006.04.17, 09:33 AM
Draco, what kind of tranny setup will your AWD have? Belt? Shaft-drive? It would be cool if you could make a Monster AWD design using axle-mounted motors, like a Clod, and not have it be bigger than stock.