View Full Version : Best Stock MZM motor

2006.04.14, 04:29 PM
I'm looking for a torquey motor for the MZM that can run on stock FETs. Any recommendations?

2006.04.14, 05:06 PM
I'd recommend a PN Speedy 05 NM... should be plenty torquey with neodyndium magnets.

2006.04.14, 07:06 PM
I'd recommend a PN Speedy 05 NM... should be plenty torquey with neodyndium magnets.

Is it safe to run with stock FETs?

Are the FET's on the MZM better than the mr-02?

2006.04.14, 11:52 PM
I would personally recommend the Atomic Stock over the Speedy NM. Although they are very similar motors, the open endbell design keeps it cooler and easier to clean and swap brushes.

Another good motor would be the 3Racing BB, same characteristics as both the Speedy NM and the Atomic Stock BB.

MZM FETs are the same as the MR02, although my opinion is that every MZM should have a FET stack and a powerful motor. I have a plasmatomic in my MZM with a 12t pinion, and I would still like more power/speed. Maybe I will have to fabricate a motormount adaptor to use 180 motors direct drive to the differential for my truck...

2006.04.24, 12:26 AM
EMU do u hav liths on ur MZM?

2006.04.24, 12:31 AM
Nope... Just 4 AAA's. Its fast enough with a FET stack and motor for the driving that I am doing. With Lithiums it would be too fast and just roll on every steering adjustment, as well as glitch alot... The only way I would use Li-Ion is with a Nelly deluxe installed, so I dont overvolt the RX and servo.

2006.04.24, 12:48 AM
yea , i plan on gettin a delux ,liths n plasmatomic soon.

2006.04.24, 12:53 AM
Sounds like fun. I hope you have alot of space to run the truck, and it is fairly smooth. Although the truck has a good amount of clearance, the lack of independant suspension takes its toll in the turns. I have done alot of two wheeling with my truck and Im running at 4.8v.

MINIz guy11
2006.04.24, 02:34 PM
for my b day, im getting a deluxe and plasmatomic. i got the case for the plasmatomic and the deluxe already and just need a friend to install it. i have liths but do also need alloys which i will get in june 13th.