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2006.04.15, 11:19 AM
Since I don't have all the racers EMail's ,here's a thread.... Some of you may already know this, but racing will most likely be cancelled the week of the 19th. Mike and I will try to keep you posted or send emails. :)

2006.05.20, 05:23 AM
Not sure if or when we will be racing at Tom Thumb. A small group of us racers want to get together and run. We have a small track and a place to set it up.

Hopefully, things go well and we can continue getting Mike's support of our racing habit.

If you are in the Columbus, OH area and raced Mini Z, please PM me and I will give you details.

Thanks to Mike and Tom Thumb Hobbies for giving Columbus, OH racers at great place to race.

2006.05.21, 08:54 PM
hi guys... anybody know where westf1 (aka abe) is? i think he used to race there a long time ago...

2006.05.22, 07:47 AM
not to butt in but I would love to invite any of the ohio or close by racers down to run some time maybe we can get a gtg type of run i have 4 wide L's wide wide sections to even run micro on plus I also have core I might even spring for pizza too to make a long day of it if you guys like all we need is a nice weather day to plan this
anyone is welcome to come and for the mini-z curious I have loaners i have some pics in my gallery will update very soon

hope tomthumbs family is doing well my condolences

2006.05.23, 04:08 AM
Haven't heard or seen Abe for a while.


Thank you for the offer. I can't promise anything, but we may take you up on the offer. When do you usually race?

2006.05.23, 06:04 AM
Well I can set up any day itís sunny really Saturdays are great for me 12-9pm Monday thru Friday 4-9pm Sunday family day for the most part I also have a basement track also but its for a smaller crowd about 4-6 racers

2006.05.23, 10:06 PM
Haven't heard or seen Abe for a while.
oh.. ok thanks... say hi to him and tell him to drop by here once in a while if he can...

2006.05.24, 07:08 AM
this is kinda like a form letter invite i want to try to post this on a new forum everyday till i get some kinda crew going here
tell me what you guys think
cincy mini-speedway is a go!!

I would like to invite local racers interested in small scale R/C racing
with scales ranging ffrom 1:64 to 1:18 to come join in on some r/c racing fun

This is of one of the first layouts
http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/227/hpim00758ni.th.jpg (http://img95.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim00758ni.jpg)
Another pic from in side the garage
http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/5537/hpim00793jz.th.jpg (http://img115.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim00793jz.jpg)
This is a screen from the lap counter that I have set up its pretty good no wires to hook your car to
http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/7080/hpim00780xs.th.jpg (http://img115.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim00780xs.jpg)
This is one after I had gotten the 3rd wide L
http://img463.imageshack.us/img463/4927/hpim00813rq.th.jpg (http://img463.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim00813rq.jpg)
Another lay out of the 3 wide L set
http://img463.imageshack.us/img463/5737/hpim00873du.th.jpg (http://img463.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim00873du.jpg)
here are a few of the rainy day track that is set up in my basement its a mini 96 track 2 sets with a wide expansion set so I have lots of possible set ups also have a computer down here ready to go
http://img463.imageshack.us/img463/4660/hpim00833ps.th.jpg (http://img463.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim00833ps.jpg)
http://img463.imageshack.us/img463/5123/hpim00840ap.th.jpg (http://img463.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim00840ap.jpg)
Also have extra tables and chairs to pit on also have loaner cars too. Anyone is welcome to come on down just email me at
Hours open are 4pm till 9pm Monday-Friday 12-9pm Saturday Sundays can happen

2006.05.24, 07:13 PM
Herman, if any of us run into Abe, we will let him know to stop by the forum and look you up.

Techno, looks like you've made quite an investment. Thank you for the offer.

2006.05.25, 12:52 AM
Herman, if any of us run into Abe, we will let him know to stop by the forum and look you up.
thanks... :cool:

The Holy Bull
2006.05.26, 01:47 PM
Im dying to get down there and race again, Mabye in a couple years when pud can run his car too. A 3 year old's not to young to race is he?

2006.05.26, 07:23 PM
Holy Bull,

Mike puts on a first class race. He always likes to challenge the racers. Mike, Wavy or I will post when we are back to racing at Tom Thumb or another location.

YourSinsInto Me
2006.06.09, 12:33 AM
Dude Techno, you have mail, I've been looking for a place like this, Tom Thumbs is too long of a drive for me. You are my hero.