View Full Version : atomic knuckle problem

2006.04.18, 09:51 PM
just bought my atomic knuckles and they don't move up or down.did anybody have this problems.im waiting on my new king pins.i hope that will fix the problem

2006.04.19, 10:43 PM
have the same parts no problems here. Try sanding down the stock king pins. Put the king pin in a drill and hold it on some sand paper. Make sure it's fine paper you don't want to scratch it deep.

Dusty Weasle
2006.04.20, 12:46 AM
You mean the AR62B variety?

I have a set of those and they stuck badly on the kingpins. After sliding them on the pins for a bit they loosened up. Properly sanding out the inside would probably have been better.

The other odd issue I had was the shafts stick out a little farther than stock. The ends poked out past the wheel nut and stuck out beyond the wheel for a Ben-Hur chariot fight kind of effect. I used a Dremel to trim a couple threads off the end.

They have since worked fine. I actually have another set on the way.
(This is on an MR-02, by the way)