View Full Version : cool track photos(night track) with new digi cam!

2002.03.27, 07:13 PM
check out and comment
more to come in the future
photos in here (http://www.sc-speedracer.com/gallery)

2002.03.27, 07:26 PM
Really cool !!!

Nice "Glasshelves" to, that guy seems to have figured out how a Hobbyshop should look :D

2002.03.27, 07:33 PM
Thanks. those glass shelves were previously old wooden cupboards with wooden doors. It was simply replaced with glass doors and lights installed inside.

2002.03.27, 08:22 PM
ooooo..... that's what I call eye candy...... so glowy and bright.... i wish i could race there....

2002.03.27, 08:22 PM
you may be seeing a list at your club soon with stuff I want! (possibly if I ain't broke by then :rolleyes: )

2002.03.28, 11:23 PM
Hey I like that yellow S2000 and the track look sreally nice and "professional"

2002.03.29, 06:49 AM
Looks exactly like my Mugen S2000 on Gran Turismo 3!

Ken Mifune
2002.03.29, 08:50 AM
Shouldn't the cars have headlights
or ground effects lighting
or glowing stripes
or glowing rims
or glowing anything?

2002.03.29, 08:58 AM

Perhaps the cars should be Nitro powered..
Then they can have Glowplugs :D

2002.03.29, 09:53 AM
jagr -

WOW ! That is some serious inventory going on there. Excellent!
AND a track!!??!??! Some Z'ers have it all.

2002.03.31, 09:31 AM
Congratulations on your grand opening today guys!

2002.03.31, 10:28 PM
the address to view the photos has been changed to
updated with some photos and videos of my new ferrari 360 too!

2002.04.28, 11:17 AM
OOOHH!! Man!!
Just back from da' place. It's awesome!! I was just checking it out, it's a Mini Z heaven!! Lot's of parts everywhere. Gonna get me a new body Peugot 206. But darn, the guys over there kept lapping me, so I told them that's my first time been there and I'll be back with better motors and settings.

"I'll be bak":cool:

2002.04.28, 11:38 AM
upgrade to a SC internal twin turbo and they'll smell smoke

The Thunderer
2002.05.28, 05:36 AM
What an awesome place! If I ever get to Singapore, I'm there (yeah, right!). LOL.

2002.05.28, 01:29 PM
Thanks for your great comments. Well hopefully one day you can come visit us!

2002.06.13, 06:41 PM
Nice track!