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2006.04.20, 10:00 AM
Got my firelap today, first impressions were WOW this is a little gem, but started to look into it and there's a few little issues, like when the crystals are inserted the vold reader on the tx goes crazy n wont stop on a single number, just goes up and down.............

Then the crystal holes are slightly bent but crystals can still be put in and out.........

After that my main issue thats really buggin me if that it steers left by itself even though i have 100% right Trim, it stell steers left.......

Also never realised how flat the surface need to be to get this to run...... I have a little dimple in my floor, like microscopic and it gets caught on that, lol......

If anyone can help with the Trim issue it would be much appreciated so then i would have to steer right on the tx the whole time, lol.... :confused: lol


2006.04.20, 11:23 AM
Remove the cover, locate a small preset up-right position, set controll trim to 0 first, then use a screwsdriver, caution with touch other components, an turn it with the car turned on, find the most center wheels position, put the cover and go on.

2006.04.21, 04:56 PM
one of the problems with the car is the steering pot, it doesnt center correctly, replacing this part will make your car run good as new.

2006.04.25, 03:41 AM
what u mean by steering "pot" ?

remember im new to mini-z, lol.......

2006.04.25, 05:19 PM
what u mean by steering "pot" ?

remember im new to mini-z, lol.......

Hi Mate,

The POT (short for 'Potentiometer') is located in the steering mechanism/servo case on your car and wired to the board and deals with your steering positioning. I'm sure if you E-Mailed the shop here they'd be able to help you out or take a look at the various Mini Z RC parts stockists under the electronics section for more info and prices. They aren't a great deal, in the UK about 10 or so.