View Full Version : RCP mini-96 mated with larger 45 deg track/tiles

2006.04.20, 02:09 PM

I own 2 45 deg tracks (which I love) and was looking to buy a mini-96 for the basement as the larger tile tracks will not fit.

From doing searches, other members have stated that the mini-96 (smaller tiles) and the larger tiled tracks (i.e. wide-L, 45 deg etc...) do work together and there is a picture from John (RCP) showing it (along with using plugs to fill in the holes in the straight tiles).

My specfic questions are:

1) are the mini-96 tiles not thinner than the standard tiles? How do they mate then if one tile is thinner than the other?
2) aren't the pins used for the mini-96 shorter than the standard tiles? If so, does this means the foam rails are shorter on the mini-96 tracks than the larger tiles tracks?

Thanks in advance.

Why I ask this is because I would like to include all 3 tracks when designing for outside or at someone's place with enough room.

2006.04.20, 06:25 PM
The tiles are the same thickness. The early mini 96 tracks did come with shorter rails, so the pins were shorter. Later versions included rails that are the same heighth as the Wide tracks. I have successfully mated the two. I thought I had pics, but I can't find them anywhere. :mad:

2006.04.20, 09:21 PM
Thanks man!
That made life simple. Gheez...now to save some money (without the fiance noticing..I'm supposed to be saving for our wedding next year!).