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2006.04.21, 01:34 PM
finally i am a member of Mini z racer . For 2 years i have been trying to get into here so i can ask my question. So i was wondering where i can find the whole front end( mostly the servo) my truck wont go straight the offset is horrible it turn right then bounce back to the left any ideas

2006.04.21, 02:17 PM
Welcome aboard.

Why has it taken you 2 years to become a member. it only takes a few minutes to fill out the register form... :)

I'm sure you can find what you need, did you look in the shop?

2006.04.21, 06:33 PM
to make a long story short the little email that they send u to confirm ur account i would never get one no matter how many times i tried to " beat the system" it never worked