View Full Version : Durability

2006.04.23, 11:35 PM
other issues aside i have to say the actual unit is very well constructed. mine has seen some traveling and taken alot of abuse from kids and pets. the case is fairly well marred after extensive use and the system continues to perform when extenuating circumstances are resolved.

just wanted to say well done on unit design and build quality. i wish i had other electronic devices as well built.

2006.04.26, 12:32 PM
Just make sure you don't put a kink in the copper loop, it's a ain in the arse to get out. I closed my trunk on the loop packing it up. It took me forever to get it straight again.

2006.04.26, 07:45 PM
i have a couple small kinks in my loop frmo all the trips but when it's in the routed tiles it simply conforms to the channel shape carved into the tiles