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2002.03.28, 02:46 AM
wassup dan???? u asked me wat shells do i have, we'll i only have one. its a AE86 trueno. i want to buy a new shell but its kinda hard to find one, no one got 'em in stock. da only shop dat i know dat got a few shells is da hobby shop in chinatown. so wer do u buy ur shells from??? i want a S2000 shell. i bought alot of hop up parts already. i buy when i see it coz eventually im gonna buy it one day anyway....its so hard to hop-up parts so wen i see wat i want ill buy already. heres da parts i bought from hobby co., kellets hobbies, and da shop from chinatown.

-kyosho front stabilizer bar
-kyosho alloy lock nuts
-kyosho rear damper set
-kyosho rear damper spring set
-kyosho ball diff
-kyosho x-speed motor v
-kyosho carbon sussy plate
-GPM alloy motor mount
-GPM delrin pinion gears(7t, 8t, 9t)
-blue foam tyres( for da tamiyas, had to trim a little so wont rub on da body)

dats about it!!!
ehehehhehehhehe!!!:D laters!!!!!

2002.03.28, 03:39 AM
Heya JDMBoy,

Which shop in Chinatown sells bodyshells?

Wings and Things in Gladesville sell autoscales too, but I think it is a bit pricy :)

Aesch :)

2002.03.29, 12:45 AM
sup aesch???? here's da addy and fone number of da hobby shop in chinatown.
shop G9 citymark building
683-689 george street
tel. no. (02) 92127838

they told me dat new shipment is arriving in 2 weeks, they will have sussy parts, tyres, shells, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!


2002.03.29, 04:45 AM
Yo mate!..
Oh i got my shell at wings n things
Phil bought it while he was there so yeah.. LoL
i was thinking about getting the S2000 but man.. doesn't look too good so got an altezza instead!.. it looks awesome man.. mhuahuauh!..
Hey dude.. how much did you spend on your car so far man??.. i've spent zilch!... like seriously.. hahhaha
i think it's cos im a cheap ass!..
phil told me once that one of his friends bought a roll shock kit or somethig... cost excess 100.. lol guess thats you
so hey man.. u wanna go somewhere to race some day dude??
i think it'll be coooL! :)
Oh btw.. do u know when the modena shells are gonna be available man?

2002.03.29, 06:35 AM
more than $250 USD, i know that for sure. and da da thin' is really annoyin'.

2002.03.30, 02:12 AM
sup dude!!!! yah for sure man, we go racing someday! im juss waitin on my other friend, he fried his ESC, as soon as he gets it back, its on!!!!! haahahahahahah!!!!;) . i dont have a roll shock set yet, theyre too hard to find. hopefully da shop in chinatown will have it in 2 weeks. last tym i saw one at chinatown its around $62. i should have bought it already but i was broke dat tym. :mad: i dont even wanna think about how much ive spent on my "Z". LoL:eek: its all good!!!!

hey dan wats ur no. anyways??? ill give u a call whenever we race!!!!


2002.03.30, 09:37 AM
LoL kool dude!..
umm.. just call phil if anything.. you got his number right??? ;)
cos like i can't really go unless he goes.. LoL!.. unless its during the day or something like that.. hahahah
u got any suggestions as to where to race..??
i haven't got a clue where to go
where abouts do you live any way...??

2002.04.02, 05:23 AM
sup dude??? yup i got phils no. yah me and my friends are plannin to set a track at my house and at my other friends house so we have 2 tracks to play on, but its not sure yet tho, so dont get ur hopes up! ill have to ask my dad first. lol:D yah i live in macquarie fields, its not too far from ur area. how old r u anyways dude???? why do u have to go with phil all da tym????


2002.04.08, 01:23 AM
kool man..!
im 16 - 17 man.. hahaha
soo yeah.. seeing as ur phil's friend.. i thought it'd b better if he went too.. LoL
doesn't really matter though.. heheh
dude.. transport will b a bi*$^ if phil doesnt drive me.. haheha
aye man.. do u have a pic of ur Z dude...??

heres mine btw..

2002.04.08, 01:24 AM
and another...!

2002.04.09, 02:01 AM
nice "Z" dude!!! is dat da standard wing for da altezza???? wat kind of rims r u using, did u paint them black???? nice nice!!!! yah ive got pics of my "Z" but too lazy to scan them, ehehhheheh!!!!
ill do it one day and ill post it so u can see it!!! my AE86 is f@#ked up, battle scars everywhere!!!! LOL:D i can see dat you've been using model car stickers, dats cool!!! im using da same thing, but dey come off really easy. its all good tho'. u should paint ur hood black or get some carbon fibre sticker, it will look awesome!!!

k, laters!! ;)

2002.04.10, 03:34 AM
ahh Bad news guys I'm considering selling my mini !!!!:(
here are pic of my mini that i will use to put it up for auction !!:confused:

2002.04.10, 03:35 AM
another pic

2002.04.10, 03:36 AM
and another

2002.04.10, 03:39 AM
sorry about the last one.....

2002.04.10, 03:52 AM
Dude... ur Ferrari KIcKS ASS!..
man y do u want to sell it??
i wouldnt if i had an F-1..!
btw how much u selling it for?

well any ways..!..
nah that wings from the 1/24 scale accord
those are evo 6 rims.. and yeah i painted thme :D
haha..! i wanted to paint the bonnet but nahh.. too late..
i already put my decals on.. the bonnet clips and the power supply 1..
so dont wanna wreck it..!
and besides.. im too lazy to tape everything up for a spray.. cos i don't wanna use a brush.. looks chatty!..
hey man u reckon u can get me adhesive CF stickers..??
lol.. i want some.. and dude..! u reckon u can make me a real wing?? lol
thanks man!.. JdM all the way!

2002.04.10, 04:02 AM
I'm selling it course i dont have anyone to race with so I got bored with it:o
But thats not really why i want to sell it, the main reason is I need the cash to feed my "addiction" for 1/10 scale cars. I just bought another one:D

Goto the F1 forum and look at the "wan to get rid of your gently use F1" for the spec.

I';m hoping to get $400Au for it considering the amoutn of stuff comes with it !!!

2002.04.10, 04:45 AM
oh i C!..
now i understand y!... :D
what shell did you get with your new mini-Z ???

well the reason y i didnt buy an F-1 is for one.. price.. and 2.. its not as agile as the touring/normal mini-z's.. so yeah
if there was an actual track nearby.. then i could take this hobby to another level
but thats not the case here.. LoL :(
ohh well!...
well i hope u get a good price for selling it...!

2002.04.11, 12:39 AM
my new shell ????
u misunderstood me !! I've said I just bougth a new 1/10 scale car not a mini-z !! U know the bigger one that u sees at tghe shop !!

Here a few pic

2002.04.11, 12:40 AM
CAr spec
HPI RS4 PRO 2 Rolling Chassis with great hop up, used but Almost New, less run, not any parts worn out, Car equip : CVD universal driving shaft, Aluminium Wheel Hub, Titanium Turnbuckle, Full Car Ball Bearing even in Steering Set, Graphite Front & Rear A arm, Front & Center One Way, Alloy Rear Bulk Head, Alloy Rear Knuckle Arm Set, Carbon Fiber Gear Box Side Plate, Graphite Shock Tower, Alloy Motor Plate

2002.04.11, 12:43 AM

2002.04.11, 12:44 AM
and another/..

2002.04.11, 05:40 AM
lol... OHH!
yeap i did mis-read the post!..
well anyways.. ur the chassis looks good man.. !
Reminds me of the yokomo my bro used to race with ages ago.. hahah
execpt i think this 1's alot faster!..
well 1/10 is pretty much alive still!.. especially with petrol cars.. theres heaps of events in regards to petrol cars..!
too bad they cost soo much!..

2002.04.11, 03:39 PM
dude, 1/10 scale touring is one of the most popular today !!!
This is why i bought this one !!!
I'm planning to go racing next yr !!!
As soon as I finish my HSC doh......:confused:

2002.04.12, 09:53 AM
i bought my X SPEED at Kellets hobbies at liverpool. i bought it for $33, i think hobby co. sells it for around $45. all parts from hobby co. is expensive. da shop at chinatown doesnt have any motors for da "Z" dey only have tamiya motors. most of da stuff they stock is sussy parts and tires.