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2006.04.27, 08:35 PM
ok well i just got a firelap 2.0 for a really cheap price i had heard things about some parts. so i was wondering what parts i should get first i have 60 bucks, o let me no what i should get

2006.04.27, 10:04 PM
tires, Bearings and a ball diff seem to be my favorite things to start with

2006.04.28, 09:09 AM
yes, tires and bearings should be the 1st upgrades. ball diff can wait as a well prepared stock diff can do very well. besides, the quality diff's are not cheap.

tires really are the most important thing in any setup. they are also very subjective to what surface you are racing on and how you like your car to handle.

2006.04.28, 02:46 PM
well what tires would be good for hard wood floor for a somewhat tight track

2006.04.28, 02:50 PM
nothing....i know of...maybe atomic 10d?

2006.04.28, 09:12 PM
You should also get a kyosho skeleton chassis. Of the two firelaps we have recieved, both broke the main chassis, or part of the small parts set in just a few days.

Other than that, a ball diff works wonders on a hard wood floor so get that and tires. I have 20s and 30s but get the softest you can, someone suggested 8s and that sounds good.


2006.04.29, 10:50 AM
thanks im about to get tires,diff bearing a chassis

also i am going to get an alloy motor mount but when i was looking at them on r c mart there were many different ones so not sure
what one would fit on the iwaver 02 mm

2006.04.29, 08:32 PM
Personally, I would get a pn racing ml mount. It allows you to run 94 and 98mm wheelbases in mid mount configuration. So you can run some rm bodies as well.
Alloy motor mounts are not huge differences but they are nice.

You should also consider stainless steel king pins, they are cheap, and make a big difference in the front suspension. My firelap feels much better on turns now that I have those.

Also, I reccomend that you get the kyosho ball diff, or the iwaver one if you cannot afford it. The other diffs are slightly harder to adjust, and while they still work fine, they may be harder for a beginner. The kyosho one is clearly the best, but my iwaver one works fine and was great for the price.

My two cents,