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2006.04.28, 10:27 PM
after seeing the epoch and team arch2 b i had a dream and woke up a week later with 2 epochs and already found 4 scale bodys that fit with only the "t" plate extension mod. the nascar are from rshak and with some tire work i got the 24 running laps that will impress most (thanks to the good ole mini 96) .

evans motorsports has gone back to the white red/black sceme and are adding a new piece to be seen at the may 06 gtg. :eek:

the vodafone sponsorship was a big surprise. i tried to get the real car but my agent said take the 1/14 scale instead. hopefully the 1/32 will be here by next week!!! enjoy

2006.04.29, 12:17 AM
wow those are small....makes a good size on the mini-rcp right?

2006.04.29, 08:01 AM
cool, should be easy for us all to get racing livery bodies!

be sure to post all this to epoch1-43 as well;)

2006.04.29, 09:09 AM
This sounds kinda dumb, but where do they sell Epoches? I'm interested.

2006.04.29, 05:34 PM
In the shop here...just look under the category epoch1-43.com:



2006.05.15, 04:41 PM
kool decal scheme u got goin there

2006.05.15, 04:47 PM
Rocket, I highly recommend them.

chuckyluv, did you get a chance to test the epoch with the helios mini-z module in a mars (non-R)? I might just have to contact my track owner and see if I can try before buying.

2006.05.22, 04:47 PM
Hmm..now I want one.

I have a 1/32 model of an old Jaguar X-Type sitting around. Would it fit on an Epoch? What do the chassis look like?

2006.05.26, 02:46 PM
Hey isnt that the radioshack corvette clone sitting there? How proportional is it? I was thinking about buying one of these a while ago before the xmods came out?