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2006.04.29, 05:39 PM
Hi guys! New to this forum and Mini-Z's, but I have been in RC longer than most of you have probably been around.

I just received a new in the box Iwaver Ford GT 40 (what else!) and installed the batteries to check it out. Is it me or is the steering servo slow?

Yes the batteries are freshly charged Duracell 950 mAh Ni Mh. All linkages and steering knuckles are free and move easily. I also removed the steering arm just to test it nd it is still slow.

I am used to the Futaba servos for my racing boats and also have a quarter scale car hefty servo that cycles in both directions before this one goes one way. Before I write the guy I bought it from on eBay (yes, a ebay buyer too) I want to hear from somone experienced with these IWavers. Also, the front end screws are stripped, but that's an easy cheap fix.

Waiting to here from anyone, thanks.

2006.04.29, 08:13 PM
Yea man they are all slow for the Iwaver 02. Theres not much u can do about it unless you upgrade the steering motor and most likely the POT

2006.04.30, 08:36 AM
Yea man they are all slow for the Iwaver 02. Theres not much u can do about it unless you upgrade the steering motor and most likely the POT

Thanks for the reply.

2006.05.15, 04:33 PM
you can upgrade to steering motor to a faster microsizer or bit clone one, or so i hear

2006.05.16, 12:00 PM
The Microsnap 1,6 works perfect!


2006.05.16, 09:15 PM
i've read lots of reviews on iwavers... some good some bad... and i've read some issues on slow steering response too...

not that i'm trying to bash iwavers (i've got a couple too)...

i would just suggest getting the real thing...

for some people who get iwavers, it's a hit or miss thing... and if they miss, it's indeed a sorry loss... and if they hit... hey its indeed a good thing at almost half the price...

with kyosho, you're less likely to run into problems...

hope this helps...

2006.05.17, 12:43 AM
sharing your opinion herman. I've started with an IW and ended up in using K. I don't even use their Tx anymore. Still it's not a bad starting point, if you just want to try the scale out and don't want to invest too much. However I would advice you to get an Firelap 2.0. The new IW 2.0 steers completely different then a MR02...

2006.05.23, 01:43 PM
I'm hoping that the new IW02M steering is faster than the IW02.

I've got about 10 IW02M's coming in june sometime and i can't wait to get them on the track to find out.

2006.06.20, 01:15 PM
Advantage to the 02M, is it's standard 3 pin connector allowing you to use any micro servo you want! As stated in another thread, I'm excited about this for custom car projects like my 1/32 scale car. Having this plug'N'play feature, makes it great for us custom car builders who need a compact receiver speed control combo, but don't know how to solder. We can simply plug in a micro servo for steering, plug in the motor, batteries, and a way we go! T O Y E A S T should be providing some pre-orders within the next month or so. Also hoping the shop here will sell'em.