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2006.04.30, 10:21 PM
hey yall, ive had mini zs since they frist came out, quit for alittle bit to build 1:1 rigs and 1:10 -1:6 scale crawlers, but the local radio shack had X mod trucks for sale for $40, i was just wondering how the 4x4 kit worked with them? ive searched and read countless threads but cant get a clear review about it. I heard the 4x4 kit had some bugs, but have they been worked out? any mods to make it work smooth, with no binding? thanks!

2006.05.01, 06:16 AM
Uh.. its like.. an x-mod. So.. dont expect much.


2006.05.01, 06:21 PM
I have a Xmod Truck the kits and parts have no problems, for it the lift kit, the suspension, 4WD, and others have no bugs unless you put them in wrong like most people do.