View Full Version : January 2002 RCCA

2001.11.28, 11:19 AM
I got the latest issue of RC Car Action yesterday, and there a several articles of note: one on the F1, one on GPM/Megatech/Kyosho parts, and one on how to build a track. To be honest the articles aren't up to much, but there's some nice pictures, especially of the GPM/Megatech/Kyosho "ultimate" cars. Also interesting is the fact that they clocked the stock F1 at 13.7mph (faster than a stock Micro RS4 apparently) vs. "10 or 11" for a regular Mini-Z. If you happen to pick up a copy, let us know if there are any parts you're interested in - they list Hobby Etc. as the source for GPM parts, but I can't honestly believe that anyone shops their, there prices are up to double the retail price - so make sure you email us for a quote first, I can pretty safely say we'll beat any prices they have on GPM parts by a pretty big margin! Interesting too that they consider Megatech and GPM to be different parts, when Megatech are just re-packaged, marked up GPM parts.