View Full Version : MZM Jeep body on Overland

2006.05.04, 04:56 AM
So after a few days of hacking, cutting, and a little creative mounting I finally got a MZM Jeep body onto my Overland. It sits a little high for my liking, but there really isn't any way to get it lower, the rear shock tower is already resting against the bottom of the seats.

Well, hope you like it.




2006.05.04, 09:31 AM
Looks like it's time to do some cutting, cut out the back seats and make room for the shocks. Man that looks nice.

2006.05.04, 11:24 AM
If or when you start cutting the bottom be aware that the floorboard is a seperate piece. I just cut the area directly behind the seats out to make room for the top of the shocks. The underside of the body is so shallow that is won't sit much lower anyway.

I want to run my super swampers with this body because I think the look really good with it, but unfortunately to run the swampers the front end has to be in the long setting and this body needs the shortest wheelbase setting. :(

I also had to cut the front end off of the body to make room for the front axle case to move.

2006.05.04, 07:59 PM
looks very nice, very well done.
i reckon those are xmod mud terrain tires? anyways you should try some bigger tires.
altough not a jeep fan, i must say it looks good, but a land cruiser would look better, :eek: :D
anyways, good job on it, and i was hoping i could do something like this with a 4runner kit, but its too much work, and im wayyyy too lazy.