View Full Version : PM Racing Fet stock motor question

2006.05.04, 09:03 PM
Has any one run the PM Racing Fet stock motor? If so have you had any problems with the fets burning up as it seems 45 turns is awful low for stock fets.

2006.05.04, 10:05 PM
ive had two PN FS motors on stock pcbs with no problems. though its a better motor for a fetted car to keep you a little slower than a S03 if thats your intent...
as for stock...just use a speedy05, your better off......

2006.05.04, 10:17 PM
How much faster of better is the Speedy 05 over the old Speedy? I really like my old Speedy.
Thanks for the input.

2006.05.04, 11:27 PM
i like the speedy05 far better than the old speedy....as punch goes.
as for rpm...i prefer the x-speed

2006.05.04, 11:48 PM
Thanks for the input and I am going to try a Speedy 05. I have not set my RCP track up since right after Christmas and think I will set it up this coming week. I do run my mad force Mini-Z truck some. I hate running my mini-Zs on carpet as I get all those darn carpet fibers all in my cars. My original speedy is way faster then any of my 5 or 6 X speed. On my speed checker in the same car and gearing my speedy turns more RPM. Lately I have been outside running my nitro trucks.

2006.05.05, 09:43 AM
With any motor brand there is a chance to get a really good one or bad...ive also experienced both...
not so much the good ones...but a few bad ones...one infact that fried some fets...

2006.05.20, 12:16 AM
I usually have had bad picks with the motors. Ive had one good one in the entire time I have been racing (that is legal to run at the track). I prefer Neo magnet motors, which are not allowed at the track. We can use only X-Speed or PN Speedy 05/BB. The 05 tend to have more punch than the older Speedy lower in the RPM, but in the high RPM the older Speedy BB is a little faster. I think it has a more linear torque curve, whereas the Speedy 05 BB has good torque mid band and drops off as the RPM rises.

All motors are hit and miss, however the newer Speedy 05 BB is a much larger crap shoot than the Speedy 05 or the X-Speed. Could be something with the bearings :confused: I have seen quite a few fry boards out of the box on the first run. Usually after they fry a board, the people throw them out or give them away. I have taken a few and broken them in for a few days (literally) and changed the brushes and they run decent.

My favorite motor is an X-Speed armature in an Atomic BB can with Neo Magnets that come with the can. I have been running this motor for quite some time in Modified class (currently on a car with stock FETs, and still managed 3rd place). A fellow racer tested it on his Pulsar, and it drew 1.14A (I believe at 2V) while an X-Speed draws .35A.

On my FET modified car I am running an S04 with a 7t pinion, and it runs well, with less torque than the X-Speed, but very controllable and still quite fast. My Nellied modified car is using a custom 27t Atomic Can motor. It is a wicked motor... Hard to run a 10 minute main with, unless you run very conservative until the last 3 minutes... or you may run out of juice (happened the first time I ran it for a 10 minute main).