View Full Version : Flyers

2006.05.05, 10:40 PM
is anyone good with publisher or something like that? i need to mock up a flyer for the regional gtg. manufacturers want to see this before they chat much about sponsorships.

we can chat more on saturday but just wanted to get it out there....

2006.05.05, 10:51 PM
regarding advertising... there are tons of other forums out there for just about everything. if you ever come across people in this area lookign to race be sure to forward them here.

here is an xmods thread i found tonight, http://www.xmodworld.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2333&highlight=

2006.05.20, 09:30 PM
i've been slacking on this.... simply not enough time in the week. i also have permit drawings for the basement build out that i should be completing but seem to never find time for as well.