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2006.05.06, 04:01 PM
Hi ,
just want to show of my Pajero here.

Following Mods on the OL

LSSM mod
Lemo Solar motor wiht geareduction unit
3racing aloy wheels with tamya Pajero 1:32 tires
Pajero civil white body kitt
Front brush gueard







i think it looks pretty scale!

Greets mike aka Guny

MINIz guy11
2006.05.06, 07:11 PM
can you tell me about the lssm mod? i sorta want to do one but dunno how

2006.05.06, 07:18 PM
Nice setup. Here's my version of the LSSM, search for others as mine is based off those. Get yourself an extra stock shock set and play around with it.


2006.05.06, 08:43 PM
very nice setup!
i especially like the brush guard, and tire/rim setup. what tires are those? anyways, i like your shock setup, very creative and gives the overland a very big lift and travel boost. anyways, what would put the cherry on top would be awd. too bad overlands dont have awd, actually thats the only reason i don't own one. come kyosho, you guys have to make awd overlands, or at least a kit to convert them to awd!
anyways, once again very nice setup.


2006.05.06, 09:58 PM
Woah that looks nice, i love the rims. Do u hav any videos of it.

MINIz guy11
2006.05.07, 12:04 PM
i understand how to make the lssm mod but now i need to know where to go get these parts. can i find this at home depot?

2006.05.07, 12:37 PM
i understand how to make the lssm mod but now i need to know where to go get these parts. can i find this at home depot?

just use a 2mm steel rod to make the lssm. make them about 5mm longer then the original damper shafts. this should work. i did mine that way. never mind of the 2mm taping. just heat up the steelrod and push them in to the plastik shock end. u might have to drill the top of the shock to a 2mm diameter so u have a smooth travel.

if u cant find a steel rod with 2mm diameter just use some bicicle spokes.

btw. heres a short vid from the OL, didnt know photobucket alows only 3 minutes. so there are 2 minutes missing.

Klick , im a link (http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h256/LA_Guny/Pajero/?action=view&current=Pajero.flv)

hope i could help.

greets mike aka Guny

2006.05.13, 01:43 PM
O wow nice video that looks like its alota fun, i wish i had one like that.