View Full Version : T/O Ontario Canada get together this Sunday May 14th for Toronto Mini-car Club

2006.05.11, 12:36 PM
Hi All,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that several of us will be meeting indoors (since it's going to rain) this Sunday, May 14th by the TorontoZees shop. They have graciously supplied a place for us to setup the club's RCP tracks. The setup will only be 2 tracks, but will be large enough to have some serious fun and put alot of cars on track at the same time. Also note that TorontoZees will be providing, for free, either the KOPROPO ARC lap counting system or CORE lap timing system for use on Sunday.

Please consult www.torontozees.com for travel information.

Also, time is not completely solid yet, but will be from 3-7pm or maybe 4/5ish to 8/8:30ish.

So, no cost event to meet some other racers and get used to the RCP track surface before the official kickoff event at Boytoys for May 27th (Sat).

See you there.

Sincerely, Shawn

If questions, please email> Sinister_Y@sympatico.ca or call my mobile 647-519-8074

2006.05.11, 04:37 PM
time is now officially 2-6pm.

Thanks for the support.

2006.05.14, 09:11 PM
Thanks to all for a great get together. Everyone had loads of fun, we played for over 4 hours straight! Kudos to all the attendees for helping me pack the track back up.

See you at the first 'official' event at Boys Toys on May 27th. Details will be posted on this site soon.

2006.05.15, 03:55 PM
any pics? No cost racing on RCP with lap timing sounds like great fun. If it wasnt for mother's day, i would have gone :(