View Full Version : Steering Knuckle Play...

2001.11.28, 01:01 PM
Anyone found a fix for this?

on midnight racer's site they have this

But I can't exactly tell what he's talking about.

What is small shrink tubbing? :confused:

I think I have!! I took some small shrink tubbing and cut it in 1/4's I glued one piece each to the inside of the tie-rod with supper glue. The suspension sticks a little but if you use stronger front springs its alright. I probably had more play than normal because I have the GPM knuckles (because they have longer shafts that let me use my bearings...Duratrax crap, there a little too wide!!) and the stock tie-rod. I know if I used the GPM alloy tie-rod, the play would be less. But, I don't think its such a good idea to have that little servo move that big piece of aluminum along with the alloy knuckles!!!

2001.11.28, 01:10 PM
heat shirnk, looks like a drinking straw, but if you hold a lighter or something hot near it, it shrinks down, usually to cover solder joints and what not. I don't know how slippery it is though, so it may not be a good choice, but you never know, it might be pretty slick & work great.