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2006.05.13, 01:31 PM
Hi all.

i want to present u my OL Rockcrawler. since i life here in Germany and we do not have any 1:1 Rockcrawlers here i decided to make one in small :D

Hope u like it.

Specs of the chassis:
Brass Tube frame
rear Monster Shock mount
Front A Arm Aloy (Monster)
Rear A Arm Plastik (monster)
Atomic Dishwheels +3 offset
Dragon Claw Tires ( made from a German Bitracer Forum member)
Lemo Solar Motor with gear reduction unti aprox.200:1






hope u like it.

greets from Germany
mike aka Guny

2006.05.13, 01:37 PM
Wow, nice job very impressive.

2006.05.13, 05:16 PM
thats sweet would u wanna sell it?

2006.05.14, 02:54 AM
LQQKS cool =]

2006.05.14, 01:44 PM
Wow, very nice truck.

2006.05.15, 11:05 AM
Very Nice! How long did it take you to complete it?

2006.05.15, 12:55 PM
That's awesome! Tell me more about the new motor, gear reduction, and what mods you needed to make so it all fit. I love the new tube frame....

2006.05.15, 01:34 PM

@ G-Class
it took a couple hours to make the frame. it aint done yet. lets call it version 1.0
all together i spend about 6 hours to make the frame and have it sit like it does. the hard part was to find a way to mount it on the chassis so its bulletproof. i had my son ( 3 years) to play and test it. after about 1 hour of´"hardcore crawling" and drop tests of my son i was extremly suprised. no dents :D nothing broke of or was bented. i`d say its profen tough!

i make some pics of the motor mount. u have to do some dremel work to the motor mount to make it fit. cost of motor was 25€ dont know how much in US$

@ minizmaster
i guess like every one who does that hobby knows that for some things there is no price that u will sell what u made! but maybe if i make a new frame we can talk about a price :D

@ all

if someone is wondering Y i didnt make the frame to cover up the batterys: the frame is screwed to the chassis.

greets from germany

mike aka Guny

here a short Vid of it crawling Klick me i am a Vid (http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h256/LA_Guny/?action=view&current=TheRock.flv)

2006.05.16, 11:15 PM
Awesome vid. Can you tell me more about the gear reduction, what you used? Would it work with the stock motor? Thanks.

2006.05.17, 02:58 AM
Awesome vid. Can you tell me more about the gear reduction, what you used? Would it work with the stock motor? Thanks.

hi, it wont work with the stock motor. i use a lemo solar motor where the gearbox is atached to the motor.http://www.lemo-solar.de/11434b.jpg

the black pease is the motor with gear reduction unit. the brass parts wherent inculded with my motor. i make pics of my motormount as soon my cam gets back to the house.

greets mike

2006.05.17, 03:55 PM
sweet video, looks like it crawls good!

2006.05.18, 03:35 AM

it crawls pretty good. i was suprised. if kyosho would bring out a 4WD OL it woould be a top seller.
i will mesure the max. clim ability if i have time on the week end.
i guess i make a small vid so u can see how it runs.


2006.05.18, 08:27 PM
WOW! nice offroad video, i'd buy an OL only if it was capable of doing that rite outa the box.

2006.05.18, 08:32 PM
then buy a MZM they can

2006.05.20, 07:06 PM
thats prolly the best overland ive seen in a while like the body a++++

2006.07.24, 10:42 AM
thats prolly the best overland ive seen in a while like the body a++++

I agree. that is the coolest vid and the coolest OL ive ever seen :cool: