View Full Version : iwaver Monster Truck

2006.05.15, 07:40 AM
I just bought the Iwaver 04 and i must say that out of the box i was very dissapointed. It is very slow even with the 12 tooth pinion.

Anyway i decided to risk putting 2 lithium cells on and it was very easy, 10 minute job. all i done was unsolder the red and black wires from the bat trays and then attach them to thedeans plug for the lithium. the lithium bats fit perfect, I used AA short 3.7v Li-ion cells. after this was done i couldnt believe the difference i tapped the accelerator and this flew accross my street in a wheely :D . This is now a rocket, i have no other upgrades apart from a SS130 motor.

Im just letting you all Know that you can have an extreamly fast mini monster for a very good price. This will destroy a stock mini-z and it still costs less!!!!!

2006.05.15, 02:03 PM
watch your fets, lipo's usually put out than the stock fets like.

2006.05.15, 03:10 PM
How long do u run it each time, i'd imagine running it pretty hard and ur fets r done.

2006.05.15, 03:35 PM
some of those iwaver 04s come with better fets, but i think you should replace it with better mosfets..

2006.05.15, 05:57 PM
it says it has 5 amp Fets and they seem to be fine.Ive heard the steering servo can burn out but its ok at the moment, I was driving for about 25 minutes earlier. I will see how it is after a few more hard runs.