View Full Version : OL to MZM Conversion?

2006.05.17, 08:44 PM
I'm just wondering, is there any way to convert my Overland into a MZM? Will MZM parts fit?

2006.05.17, 09:39 PM
i believe you can use the overland main chassis and shocks, and buy all the other monter parts and attach them to the main chassis. some one can correct me if i'm wrong. there are quite a few parts you'll need to complete the conversion: front and back shock towers, wheels, tires, differential, front servo box, rear motor box, front and rear lower control arms, front and rear upper connecting arms, main gear, and bearings -or- bushings. i think that's everything. a picture is worth a thousand words though, and there might be an exploded parts pdf (like in the owners manual) floating around that would give you a better picture. i think it's do-able, but would take a some work tracking down all the parts. good luck.

2006.05.18, 09:56 AM
by the time u buy all the parts to convert it you will wind up paying more than a whole readyset (unless you want all-alloys)... so just buy the readyset ;)

2006.05.18, 10:48 AM
Is there a way I can bolt on some monster rims, tires, and a body and call it a day?

2006.05.18, 12:06 PM
Nope.. the monster rims have a massive negative offset.. open area on the inside this prevents it from reaching the chassis... thus why all the Monster parts are different than the overland... its wider..

you would have to do customization to the rims...and then it would likely not have enough room to steer...