View Full Version : Mini-Car Club of Canada meeting at boytoys on Sat, May 27th

2006.05.22, 03:36 PM
Hi All,

As promised, details would be posted for the 1st official meet'n'greet for the MCCC (Mini-car Club of Canada).

This first event is sponsored by Boys Toys in Mississauga. Directions can be found via their website, www.boytoys.ca The event will run from 2-6pm.

Club membership is free as well as most events (unless we have to rent something). Also promised was setup of 2 tracks for each of the club's events. The advanced track will consist of 3 RCP large tile tracks and the Junior track consisting of 1 RCP large tile track. So, bring your whole family. There is even a nail salon for the ladies if they get bored!

The club should hopefully be receiving more RCP tracks in the near future. Details are still being worked out with RCP to support the club.

I will be there to greet you and we can both practice and talk about the club.
Courtesy of TorontoZees (www.torontozees.com), we will have free access to a CORE lap timing system. This system normally carries a rental fee, but will be FREE for this inaugural event.

See you there! Any questions: email me: sinister_y@sympatico.ca or call me: 647-519-8074

2006.05.28, 08:47 PM
Thanks to all who showed up, ran their cars and helped with everything. In total, 11 people had a tremendous time, which is a great start. This was our 1st event with many more to come.

Many thanks and gratitude to Daniel (owner) of Boytoys who set us up with a space, power and a tent to keep us from melting (man, was it hot). The club met two of it's mandates, which is to encourage a family atmosphere as well as offering the fun of mini-car R/C to anyone with an interest. We had a family there (father and 2 sons), along with some female racers. It was a blast. Daniel of Boytoys posted some pics and a small video, links run from this link:


The track was huge. We sacrificed part of our junior track for the advanced track for this 1st event. The next event will feature a full junior track (wide L or Kyosho 45 degree) and an advanced track with a full 4 RCP tracks since we have 1 more track coming from RCP through RC1 Racing (Canadian Wholesaler).

Club members decided that they want to hold events twice a month with one of them being a practice event and the other a full-on race. They also decided that each event will have a different layout.

The next official event is Saturday, June 17th in the parking lot of A&J Hobbies (Kennedy & Hwy 7).

Call me or email if you need further details:

ph: 647-519-8074
email: sinister_y@sympatico.ca

See you then!