View Full Version : Possible Motors????

2006.05.24, 11:54 PM
What are my options for motors for my MZM? If I were to want to keep all of my origional electronics, what are my options? Verses what I can choose from if I were to get a "turbo."

I am new with this so explination would help. Thanks!

2006.05.25, 06:14 PM
Atomic stock, great kick. no need modified PCB

2006.05.26, 09:15 AM
Yeah, I'd go with an Atomic Stock or PN Speedy NM. They're both great stock motors. Also both have neos, which are great for the monster. Plenty of torque.

2006.05.28, 10:58 PM
Well if there is more torque do I get a faster top-end speed?

2006.09.18, 04:45 PM
are these motors more powerfull than the kyosho xspeed motor v

2006.09.19, 09:28 AM
mhug: The top-speed has almost nothing to do with the torque, except for that you will probably get a lower top speed if you have a high torque motor, since a fast and powerfull motor draws alot of Amps! But the AR30 Stock has both higher top speed and higher torque then your original motor! So go for that one.

jam4: The AR30 Stock got a little more torque then the X-speed but the top speed are as much as the same. But thw quality are better on the AR30. You can get a very bad, worse then the original motor, or a very good X-speed.

2006.09.19, 10:23 AM
look here for a video of my MZM, I'm running a single stack of 4562 Fets, an Atomic stock motor, 12 tooth pinion.


even with the 12 tooth it pulls the wheels off the ground from a stand still, not quite a wheelie, but you can't turn until the wheels settle back down.

the Atomic stock has a great combination of both torque and speed. Athough I get additional punch from the fet upgrade..