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2006.06.08, 01:19 PM
I just upgraded my AWD with a Spider Turbo and PN Macho Modified Motor. Under load (accelerating) the motor smokes out of the vent holes. Is this normal for a "hot" motor?

By the way, this thing smokes in more ways than one. It is super fast!


2006.06.08, 01:36 PM

Does the smoke have a smell to it. My awd has smoked two substances. One is RCP track. When my motor gets really hot the small RCP dust will get into it, being on the bottom of the car, causing a buildup on the brushes. It looks like black fuzz. I have had that smoke before. Kind of a rubbery smell to it.

The other smoke is when you use too much comm oil or bearing oil or cleaner and it gets all over the inside of the can. Coating it. When it gets hot it can smoke as well. I like that smell. For some reason it makes me happy, like my car is running fast or somthing.

There are some things to watch out for. Your endbell can melt with that high heat, your bearings can sieze, and at about 155C to 220C your wire on your motor will melt its enamel and short with the stack. At which point your batteries are toast and your spider will be in trouble. (Not to mention that your chassis will begin to warp. My motor cover has gotten so hot it melted the clip that holds it in, not so much melted it but just caused it to bend in. So to allow my motor cover to come off during a race.)

Anyways What smell is it? Does this motor do the same thing when out of the car and you hold the pinion from turning?

Congrats on the smokin car.. Now we just need to keep experimenting to find the perfect motor and batt combos that can power this beast.

2006.06.08, 05:13 PM
I ran this by the noobs at xmodsrc (the offical site) and most of them said that "...electricity runs on smoke..." so your car must be leaking... :D

2006.06.08, 05:44 PM
I do run on RCP, but I broke the motor in on lots of Comm Oil. I think that is what it is. I just thought that after 4 sets of batts it would have cleaned off by now. It does run hot. I only run about 10 minutes on it before letting it rest. The motor is hot, the batts are hot, it's just a hot car. I will disassemble tomorrow to check for damage. I am running PN motor mounts and the new PN motor holder with the cooling fins. So that's all I can do for cooling. I run on a Mini-96 with expansion tiles, so its a pretty techy track. I will have to get another expansion pack to lengthen the straights I guess!

Thanks for the replies!

2006.06.08, 07:01 PM
So its smokeing like the scale train smoke, were u put oil in an bucket like thign with an electrical heat coil and the train smokes, crappily, but it smokes... divert it out the tail pipe LOL...

2006.06.08, 08:22 PM
...electricity runs on smoke..." so your car must be leaking... :DLMAO

Electricity does run on smoke, cuz if you let the smoke out of a chip doesn't work anymore. :D

Being an Old Fart Technician, I've used that phrase for years. :rolleyes:

2006.06.10, 05:10 PM
It was just the comm cleaner. It took 5 sets of batteries to burn off. I guess I got carries away with the break-in. Thanks for the replies!

2006.06.10, 05:24 PM
It was just the comm cleaner. It took 5 sets of batteries to burn off. :eek:
Isn't comm cleaner similar to tuner cleaner? If so it would evaporate off in seconds. Your diagnosis is suspect. And might I add, that it took great courage to let your car smoke through 5 sets of batteries. :D

2006.06.10, 06:36 PM
Yeah i did take some balls. I think he was talking about comm oil not cleaner. I think he mistyped it there.