View Full Version : Attempt at time trial with on board camera

2006.06.10, 10:41 AM
I tried my time trial with camera on board... almost worked ;). I have to mount the camera different next time, but first I need to modify the camera :) :).


The cam is sitting atop my MR02 with GT40 body...

2006.06.10, 10:45 AM
again, the frame rate looks look, nice crisp quality but the lighting is horrible. its so dark you can baerly make anything out.

interesting how bumpy these run, you just assume they run nice and smooth but track view is a very bumpy story :p

2006.06.10, 10:50 AM
Yea I would sell the cams, if it had better light, might still anyway... since it works great outside on planes ;).


The bumpyness is again a reason I need to mount it different, it was held on by rubber bands lol, so the cam was moving just as much as the car... and the time trial failed because it fell over... aljthough i coulda kept going with a black video of my hood lol... it even sounds like now and then my tires go back and forth from touching and not touching the ground... guess I will have to work on that. On Board Mini-Z Diagnostics :D

2006.06.14, 02:44 PM
Drac - I could make out the start finish line when you passed over it but only glimpses otherwise. The sound was very cool. I think I could hear it when the tires hopped and the motor/gears were strained. It reminded me of the racing movie Le mans Where you felt like you were in the car as it raced around corners and down straights. If you can get the lighting problem fixed I think you will have some incredible footage. Imagine yourself in that Mini-Z racing at what appears to be scary fast speeds. WOW!

2006.06.14, 03:18 PM
take you track outside and shoot some more. looks very fast. the lighting does need to be better.

2006.06.14, 03:19 PM
I have the same problems with my onboard cam. I haven't had the time or energy to fabricate a proper mount for it so I haven't played with it much. But when I did, it definitely needed lots of light.

2006.06.14, 04:40 PM
what kind of camera is it?
I've got one from E*ay and it sucks. Oh and the best location i've found onboard a plane is set back on the canopy to one side.

2006.06.19, 06:02 PM
Yeah, I just bought one also and if the camera is more than 5 feet away from the receiver, the picture is crap.

Anyone know of a good mini camera?

2006.06.27, 11:46 AM
I've got a really tiny video cam that uses an outboard 9v battery and a small transmitter that transmits the picture to a tv monitor. If I can find it I'll take a photo of it.

2006.06.28, 02:04 AM
take you track outside and shoot some more. looks very fast. the lighting does need to be better.

Drac - Any chance of trying again outside? With more light it could be the best Z racing video ever. Hope you can work it out. It would be absolutely awsome.