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2006.06.12, 09:42 PM
Hi All,

I'm very happy and proud, as founder of the Mini-Car Club of Canada, to announce that we will be holding the 2006 PN World Cup Canadian Regional Race.

The event will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We welcome all Canadians and Americans alike to partipate in our regional race. We already have some serious racers coming from NYC to the event and hope that everyone who has the opportunity to come to race, will.

We hope to have one of the best PN events period. We will be running a minimum of 5 RCP tracks (large sized tiles), CORE system etc... Philip from PN has committed to personally coming to Toronto to help with the event. Each competitor will receive a PN Racing/Mini-Car Club of Canada T-Shirt (which will be very cool) with their entry. We will also hold a free 4wd drift demonstration class open to anyone. The person voted by the crowd to have the best drift stylee will get a trophy.

Our club is different from other venues in that we run outdoors on our RCP tracks. A great benefit to running outside is that you get to show your stuff to the public at large since we try to run in a high traffic area. This also means that our scale and R/C in general will get promoted and hopefully bring in new talent and racers.

The race date is Sunday, September 24th. Setup will start at 7:30am, practice at 9:15am with qualifying starting at 9:48am.

We will be holding the following classes:

2wd stock- PN Rules
4wd stock- PN Rules
Open Mod- Kyosho chassis only, no Pro-z etc... FET upgrade and AD band is allowed. PN Pan car body is allowed.
Stock F1- PN Rules

If there are enough entries, we will also hold a Mod F1 for which AD band will be allowed.

The actual place has not been set yet and will be communciated by end of June. I'm thinking of donating all Club proceeds to a local charity. This may mean TV coverage as well.

Some other bonuses of our event is that the top racer from each main will bump up to the next main. For example, if you finish 1st in C-Main, 2wd stock, then you get bumped into B-Main, etc...

Anyone wanting further information can contact me (Shawn) directly at:
Email: Sinister_Y@sympatico.ca
Phone: 647-519-8074



2006.06.12, 10:36 PM
Sorry for sounding like a n00b, but when/where will the finals be held?

Do the winners from eash regional get some sort of break/discount on airfare?

2006.06.12, 11:11 PM
By outdoor does that mean under the sun or under a covered parking lot? Weather and humidity has tremendous effect on traction.

2006.06.13, 02:03 AM
:D being too hot and humid was my excuse to basically take today off and spend it outside doing laps.

About the same latitude as Toronto, have been driving outside on RCP track every day LoL and night for a month now and havenít had any noticeable problem with traction loss due to the humidity, weíre right off the water so there can be a good deal of moisture if not quite the liquid air they get in the south.

The major outside problem Iíve noticed is the track expanding and contracting due to sunlight and temp changes.

But then I prefer driving at night :cool:

:( Wish Toronto was a little farther to the left on the map.

2006.06.13, 08:29 PM
Hi Mazda,
Final PN World cup info is on their site at:


The race will be held in Enfield, Connecticut. The event will take place between 27th and 29th October.

Hi SaiTam,

Yes, under the heat and sun etc... The club does setup tents for the pit area. We love to run outdoors for a few reasons. To address your point specifically, changing conditions is exactly why we love it. You need to a good racer. This is a similar challenge that nitro and electric 1/10 guys face. At the end of the day, the best racers wins.

Love that setup man! Good for you. The only negative thing that I've found from running outdoors is that although I use a leaf blower to clear the area that we will setup the track on, the last event, due to the heat generated by the sun on the dark tiles, the heat lifted some gum from the pavement unto a couple of tiles (on the bottom). The best thing I could think of at the time was to put the each tile into the freezer and then the gum broker off nicely.

Thanks for the comments guys...

2006.06.13, 08:44 PM
Cool i've got a few days off coming so i may fly out for the race. We are also having one in Vancouver B.C. We just need to confirm the place and date.

I'll need a map when you hammer down a location.

2006.06.13, 10:46 PM
Awesome, Machine!

I know that it's hard for both Western and Eastern Canadians (and Americans) to come to Toronto, but I will do my best to hold a great event.

Anyway, the pressure is on me to find a great place. I do have a location that has been offered by a local hobby shop, which is a good locale, however, I wanted to kick it up another notch if possible. Anyhoo, like I said I should have something solid by month end and will communicate it to everyone.

Also, like SaiTam had alluded to, since the track is run outside, conditions change. Since the actual track layout will not be done until the day before the event (with input from Philip at PN Racing), I am confident in the fact that I could provide at least a base setting before everyone gets here in order to know at least what will work and what to bring as carry-on luggage for you maybe limited.

May I suggest that anyone else interested can contact me directly or post your stuff on the forum as I try and get here 1x day. Then, I can try and assist in anyway possible to make your participation as easy and painless (i.e. fun!) as possible.

2006.06.14, 01:09 PM
Hey Shawn,

How are you doing? Looks like I will be purchasing an AWD again to compete at that PN regional AWD stock class. You mentioned something about a hobby shop offering a place for the race, is this fastcats? If so, I would love to race Mini-Z there again as everything we needed is there but I can accept a change. Now I just need to get everything together and get some practice done as I haven't touch my radio for almost 3 months... :(

Talk to you later,


2006.06.14, 04:40 PM
Hi Peter,

You're always welcome to join us. Regarding the hobby shop, I'll just say no, it's not fastcats. It will be something closer than that.

I hope you'll opt to come before the PN race. I need somebody to practice against. Right now, Edwin and I are having a blast (as we're currently the fastest guys). There are some other new guys (and girls!) that you've never met. So, come out to this Saturday's event at A&J Hobbies (Kennedy and Hwy 7). We'll have the 4 tracks setup again. It will be big.

Maybe you can take some video? I let my fiance take some video last time and it wasn't very good...she doesn't really know what kind of footage the club needs for both promotional and racer purposes. Anyway, you help is appreciated if you can spare the time.

2006.07.18, 08:14 PM
Here are the locale details:

The event will be held outside in the parking lot of a supporting hobby shop, "Boy Toys". They are located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

There will be power, tents, tables and seating available for this event.

Here is some detailed location information from their site:


I will be following up shortly with another post with hotel/motel information for those of you coming from out of town. In the meantime, I will see if I can negotiate a favourable rate for all visitors.

The backup site is an indoor venue (in case it rains etc...) close to downtown Toronto at a supporting hobby shop, "Toronto Zees".

Here is their info:

1420 Dupont Street, Unit 223-A
The location is at the northwest corner of the intersection of Lansdowne Avenue and Dupont Street.

2006.08.16, 12:29 PM
Please consider this thread as closed.

I have now been able to clarify most details and will post a new thread with all the necessary details.

Thanks All for your support.