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2002.03.31, 09:46 PM
Hey Mini-z every time I try to access the forums and post I get a message that pops up saying something along the lines off: fatal error, allocated bytes not accessable or something like that and then I have to keep retrying to get a post to post or to access the forum table of contents.

I don't know if it could be my computer or what but just letting you know :(

2002.03.31, 10:27 PM
happens to me sometimes too, just keep hitting refresh, & you'll make it through.

2002.03.31, 10:32 PM
Yea thats what had to keep doingand i finally got through but only after like 6-7 refreshments, I thought it was broken or something then it finally posted...

2002.04.01, 12:33 AM
Yes, I've got it a few times too - basically Apache can't handle this many Mini-Z maniacs at a time! We're still trying to figure it out. Do email us next time you get it though, so we can keep track and try to find the cause.

2002.04.13, 03:36 AM
Hey Mini-z I keep getting it alot more now. atleast once every time I try to post or go to your forums. Its happening more so than when I posted this thread.
What causes it to do that is it on my side?

2002.04.13, 06:31 PM
No, it's the server. Still trying to figure out exactly why...

2002.04.15, 12:18 PM
hey, i just got the fatal error while trying to post.
mini-z, do you know what is causing the problem?
have you checked the apache log files?
i dunno if you are using straight apache webserver or
Tomcat appserver with Apache...
if you are using Tomcat, see if your log files mention anything
about the AJP connector, if it is kicking users off because it
is lacking processors, try upping the maxProcessor count
in your server.xml file...
we have ours set at 20 processors per engine...
they aren't actual cpu processors, but just software processors
so it shouldn't matter about your setup, otherwise, can also
try upping the timeout count so requests wait a while longer
before hitting the fatal error...
i dunno how the site is set up, but this is just some info
about experiences i've had b4...

2002.04.15, 07:09 PM
Email me, we'll see if we can figure out anything in the logs.

2002.05.07, 08:52 PM
it has to do with the ram, are you only running 128mb or ram on the server?


2002.05.07, 08:56 PM
btw did a little research and I came up with this

http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=32242&highlight=Fatal+error+Allowed+memory+size+exhauste d

2002.05.07, 11:26 PM
We've had our host increase the limit several times - but it seems like no matter how much they give us it still manages to generate this error. We're moving to a different server soon, hopefully it will help.

2002.05.08, 04:30 AM
I asume you already did, but make sure the subscribe to thread or email update messages, is defaulted to off, for new users, other wise your server is probly sending out that much more data... most ppl turn it off, but some dont konw any better, and some are sending to users that probly dont come back here etc... or read their mail old addresses etc. -- It could be too many photos linked in the threads... etc... or the hosts cgi system/server (this forum uses CGI yes?) is over run.. hehe

2002.05.08, 04:46 AM
I have experienced it a few times myself. I just leave and come back later :)

Aesch :)

2002.05.08, 06:24 AM
When I get that error message, I just hit refresh a few times.
If that doesn't work, then I get irritated do a BackOrifice OpenPortScan and BackOrifice into someone's PC, eject their CD a few times, copy their 'MyDocuments' folder across to my server then delete their system files.
I then reboot their workstation. Of course, their workstation won't reboot after that, but is it my problem?

I then try to access Mini-ZRacer.com again, if I get no success, then I jump onto my Alpha UNIX Server and DOS the Vatican's website. Yes, it does make me feel better....