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2006.06.19, 07:57 PM
How different does the heat of the sun effect the grip on RCP. I might be going to a outside race next month with a very very large setup outside on top of blacktop. I have only raced on RCP one time and it was inside. I want to know so I can plan my tire selection to bring with me.

2006.06.19, 11:06 PM

Well, my club just completed it's second event. We have run each event outside. Let me tell you., it was bloody hot last Sat for our 2nd event. I still used GPM radial 8's in the rear and GPM radial 15's in the front for my MA-010. We were supposed to run a race, but I called it off due to heat, wind and dust. The hobby shop where we ran with had an old parking lot and the end of it was basically dirt and gravel. Let's just say that with the wind, it was not a good thing. I did have my handy-dandy leaf blower in hand and keep the track reasonsibly clean, however dust would still blow in the air. I didn't have any mechancial failures, but one guy somehow got a small rock in his steering servo area which put him out. After the event, it took my 5 hours to hand clean all the track to get it back to perfect form. This was an exception as the first event didn't dirty the track at all.

On another note, I used GPM radial 25's in the front and 3 Racing AWD radial 10's in the rear for my 2nd AWD, which a setup pretty much like the other 4wd mentioned above. It didn't feel very good. I don't like the 3 racing rear tires worth a darn. I think the GPMs work the best (and consistantly) on RCP. Even though we did not race, most people ran for at least 5 mins and I ran for that or even 10 minutes at a time and the 8's and 15's still worked good. So I can't tell you if they would last longer than that consistantly. Keep in mind that you wear out your tires ALOT faster by running such a sticky compound but if you want the best grip, stick with 8 and 15's. If money (and buying more tires) is a concern, try to go with a harder compound, but stick with the radials. Also, although I have an infrared temp. gun, I didn't use it, but man the track was very hot. One of my rules of the club is no stepping on the track with shoes. Well, I went barefoot during setup and almost felt like I burnt my feet it was that hot.

Running outside is both good and bad. Lesson learnt from the last event is to pick a new parking lot or one that is clean already. It took me and my fiance an hour to clear an old parking lot and man, it was like creating a sahara gail force sandstorm with all the dirt and crap flying when using the leaf blower. If you use a new parking lot (like our first event), it can be great. It brings back memories of racing 1/10 and 1/5 scale in the summer...just keep lots of water on hand and pace yourself.

Others may find a different experience and I'll try to provide more feedback to everyone once we have more events under our belt. For now, like I said 8's and 15's. One note is that is just my setup as well. I like alot of steering, so it depends on your driving style. For inventory sake, I have brought the following tires to each event:


GPM radial 10's
GPM radial 15's
GPM radial 20's
GPM radial 25's
3 racing grooved 10 deg
PN slick 18 deg
GPM slick 20
Atomic slick 30
Atomic slick 20
Iwaver slick 20
Iwaver slick 30
Iwaver slick 40
Kyosho slick 40 (stock for AWD)
Kyosho slick 50 (stock for 2wd)


GPM radial 8 deg
Atomic AWD grooved 10 deg
Atomic ribbed 10 deg
3 racing AWD grooved 10 deg
Iwaver slick 10 deg

GOod luck on your race.

2006.06.20, 01:07 AM
Have never tired it in the direct sunlight since my track is covered, but I drive/play/practice an hour or two every day now on an outside 2WL RCP, with a variety of cars from MR-01 to MA-010. The temp has varied from low 50s to upper 70s, day, night, poring rain, hot-n-dry, hot and humid, or just plain cold and damp (am a stones throw from the ocean) these changes have made noticeable differences requiring slight changes in line and style but nothing that has made me want to change my preferred set-ups.

Since everyone will be pretty much in the same boat and you never know exactly what the weather is going to be like Id stick with your preferred set-up, with the possible exception of assuming the track could get dirty/dusty and avoiding slicks. Of course it never hurts to have a few different tires ready keeping your eyes and ears open for what is and isnt working, and especially for the next time what was and wasnt working.

2006.06.20, 08:15 AM
our club races outside, and it's not so much the temp as it is the direct sunlight. Even with it hot but the under shade the track will act different than it does under sunlight.

I can tell you the with the sunlight on the track it will heat up quite a bit, it is black. althought you would think this would help your traction it's not what really happens. You will struggle with rear grip a bit, I would suggest going with the the GPM 8* rear tires.

You will need to adjust your front setup if you still struggle with the rear grip. The back will tend to break loose under power going around the corners, and you may need to change you spring rates and front tire compound.

2006.06.20, 06:57 PM
Thanks for the info. I guess I will just bring a box full if tires to sort out the setup on my 3 cars.