View Full Version : MC3: Make-up race this Sat. June 24th at Toronto Zees

2006.06.20, 09:43 AM
Hi All,

Since last Saturday turned out to be an open practice session, we will meet at Toronto Zees this Saturday, June 24th and hold our race.

Same details apply as posted previously. Here are some high level refreshers:

Time is 1-6 pm. Setup will start at 1pm. Practice will start at 1:30 or 2:00 pm depending on when we finish setup. If you cannot help setup, you must help teardown. If you do not wish to help or cannot, that is okay, but you will have to pay $5 plus any prorated fee to race. This is done to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed among all the club members.

Cost is prorated between all attending members. The charge is $30 to rent the CORE lap timing system. The cost of transponders (which is highly recommended) is $10 each. Each transponder is capable of holding a lot of information such as: your name, list of your 4 most popular frequencies, your rank, your type of car, itís colour and the model of R/C car you use.

Toronto Zees is located at 1420 Dupont Street, which is the Northwest corner of Dupont and Lansdowne. It is an old industrial warehouse. Once inside the complex, proceed to the northeast part of the building. There is a door leading inside with a stairwell. Go to the 2nd floor and follow the signs that say Toronto Zees (which have arrows).

If you have a lot of gear, call me on my mobile 647-519-8074 and I will come get you. We will then take the freight elevator. It is accessible through doors (by the loading dock) at the northwest part of the building (parking area).

More questions? Email me: Sinister_y@sympatico.ca

See you there.