View Full Version : What hopup to get?

2006.06.20, 02:07 PM
I was thinking its time to get some type of drivetrain hopup for my MZM and I was wondering what would be better to get MZR Dry bearings or to get a PN SpeedyNM? Or is there somthing better I can get for $20?

Thanks, James

2006.06.20, 02:48 PM
1. 10-8 degree tires (oops, sorry, you're talking Monster here...)

2. bearings

3. specialty stock fet motor

4. diff

5... 6... 7... etc... etc... ;)

Well, at least in my opinion... this is the best way to start out. (for a racer, if you're going the MZM route, get the bearings first, then the motor.)

Hopefully you're already using nimh batts !

(I gotta stop thinking just racer all the time)

2006.06.20, 04:38 PM
I have a MR-01 but rarely ever use it. (The AnnArbor GTG is over an hour away)
I have a Overland but I use it as my tester because I got it cheap.
And for my Monster its a Japan set so im not modding it and I use it alot.
I couldnt decide what would be the best to get because I only have $20 to spend.lol

2006.06.20, 08:04 PM
(Darn no edit) I dont have Ni-MH but I am useing Sanyo Rechargeacell Ni-Cd's.lol
(They came with my MZM and Mr-01. Thanks for the batts NML.)

2006.06.20, 08:49 PM
alloy! the first day i had my iwaver 04 i jumped it off a 6 inch step onto grass and broke a front knuckle. so alloy knuckes is big and alloy shock mounts