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2006.06.21, 07:18 PM
Does anyone know of a good micro video camera. I am looking for one that broadcast to a receiver or one that has its own memory. Must be color and sound is not really needed but would be a plus.

2006.06.21, 07:35 PM
well if the one I used did better in low-light.. I would recomend it... but it does not ;). I was going to resell them... for about $50each... was gona try to get this shop to sell them instead as well.

Its a small camera that plugs into usb port, and holds an SD card...

2006.06.21, 07:55 PM
Looks cool but a little big. This is the one that I got but will be sending back because is does not work that good.

2006.06.21, 07:59 PM
yes most of the wireless will suck.. they are not enough signal power... they are cheap 10 foot range cameras... sold with 1000 foot claims...

if you dont care about cost... size can be reduced ;)


2006.06.21, 08:14 PM
Cost is not the issue. I paid $80 for the one that I got. I just want it to work. The one that I got looks good if the camera is within 5 feet of the receiver, what is the use of having a wireless camera if I have to be right next to the receiver. It is not like I want to go a mile away, just about 20 to 50 feet is all.

Thank you for the reply.

2006.06.21, 08:17 PM
If the camera your using with 5 feet, is being used with a 9volt.. switch to an 8 cell setup. 9Volts often only have 6 cells inside them. The extra power to the camera will boost it another few feet... just make sure its one of the cameras that can also operate on 8 cells lol :) about 9.6 volts

2006.06.21, 08:21 PM
I thought about boosting the power but I did not want to do any damage. I tried it with both the 9v and with the wall plug with no change.

I think my best bet will be a micro camera that has a built in memory for recording and play back later.

2006.06.22, 01:01 AM

I'm looking for the same thing.