View Full Version : New Hampshire PN cup race July 16th

2006.06.22, 04:22 PM
TC hobbies is holding a PN Regional race on July 16th.

Practice for the event will be on July 15th.

Information for the event please click below.
TC hobbies event (http://www.pnracing.us/region-tc.htm)

Thank you

Bill Crotty Jr

El Tigre
2006.06.22, 09:00 PM
This is just not fair. I really need to move back home. Hey Jr., hows everyone at TC's? Are you guys still racing on Thursday nights? What classes are you racing now? Is Philip himself gonna be there for the PN race?

2006.06.23, 06:33 PM
How big is the track?

El Tigre
2006.06.23, 07:29 PM
They got an indoor RCP track thats say, 10' x 15' and a paved outdoor track that is set up for oval or road course, and that one is like 15-18' x 20-25'. They only race Mini-Z, Buds cars, Micros and CP Cup cars, and occassionally 1/10th Oval. They have a great shop with lots of mini and micro stuff along with the best steamed dogs in NH. Philip Ng used to test his stuff there a few years ago, and Scott the Pro-Z Creator will sometimes show up with new stuff and clever ideas.

2006.06.24, 12:34 PM
Thanks El tiger for the input.

The inside track is 16x20 and outside is 25x50

2006.07.17, 12:59 PM
I would like to congratulate the winners at our event this weekend.

2wd Stock

1. Mike Sacks
2. Rob Sylvester
3. John Chamness

Awd Stock

1. Garrett Sacks
2. Tyler Ferm
3. Mike Sacks

Pan Mod

1. Matt Bouchet
2. Bill Crotty Jr
3. Rob Sylvester

Touring Mod

1. Matt Bouchet
2. Bill Crotty Jr
3. Scott Jakes