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2006.06.27, 03:12 PM

Sorry, but we had to skip the July 2nd race due to weekend plans prior to the 4th of July. Hope everyone can make it on the 9th!

Alpharetta, GA
E-mail me for directions and contact info.

Doors Open: 12:00pm (if you’d like to show up earlier, please contact me)
Racing Starts: 2:00pm

1/28th Novice (same as 1/28th stock but limited to novice level drivers only)
1/28th Stock (limited to stock motor and 4AAA batteries, any chassis mods OK)
1/28th Open

- Core lap counting system.
- Custom track.
- Audio and video systems for the automated sounds, announcements and race stats display.
- We will run 3 qualifiers for each class.
- We will run double or triple A Mains.
- Qualifiers and Mains will be 5 minutes.
- Refreshments available.

Use this "Race Event" thread to discuss things such as who will be attending and any other specific info pertaining to the race. After the event is over, we can continue to discuss any issues / suggestions / improvements for the next race. The results, and possibly pictures, will then be posted to this same thread.

If you think you’ll be attending, please post here so everyone will have an idea of expected attendance.

Hope to see you there!

2006.06.27, 03:19 PM
Chris - Good to hear from you again, hope you can make it! We'd love to see the 4wd perform!

Marvin - You going to be free for this one?

Eveyone else, please post if you think you'll make it.


2006.06.29, 11:53 AM
Hey Patrick,

You should get your Mini Cooper and come out to Primetime Hobbies in Calhoun. We are going to have a Touring Class and a Mini Class. I'm going to get me a Mini Cooper and race both classes. The track is the perfect size for racing electrics. I probably won't be racing Z's until winter time or until we stop racing 1/10th.

See you later

2006.06.29, 10:55 PM
I'll probably make it. don't know


2006.07.03, 09:51 AM
So far, I'm planning on being there.

2006.07.04, 08:56 PM
Change of plans. I'm not going to be able to make it. Are you going to have a race on the 16th?

2006.07.04, 10:25 PM
Change of plans. I'm not going to be able to make it. Are you going to have a race on the 16th?

On the 16th is a big race at the Calhoun track. The F1 allstars are coming down to race there. Looks lik eme and several others will be racing there on the 16th. Plus none of my z's are working....only have steering and no throttle. we are trying to fix them. Patrick get your f1 going and come and race on the 16th in this race

2006.07.07, 09:10 AM
If we don't get anyone else posting by the end of today (Friday) that they want to come out this Sunday, I'll go ahead and cancel this race. It looks like we may want to put a hold on summer racing and resume in the fall, unless we get some new interest. That may give me more of a chance to work on the new track and finish the room that we are racing in.

I may try to bring my 10th scale cars on the 16th. Sounds like fun.

2006.07.07, 03:12 PM
yeah I'll be looking at this car im might use as a project sunday so I won't be able to anyways.

2006.07.08, 11:38 AM
This race has been cancelled.

Stay tuned for more info as to upcoming racing plans and schedules.