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2006.06.30, 09:05 AM
Looks a lot like the Core system. Unfortunately the transponder requires power from your car or another source and it is located somewhere in Europe. Didn't look in to it that close but saw it on a blog at mini-zracing.com
ht tp://mini-zracing.com/blog/_archives/2006/4/20/1898903.html

2006.06.30, 09:34 AM
That system is very similar to Core. The transponders require power, and are more expensive. in the long run the Core would be cheaper.

Our club is currently running about 18 members and 3 classes. Racer, Overland, and F1 and each car requires a transponder.

You can see with this system you would easily spend more on trasponders than you would on the core system and the core transponders are alot cheaper (transponders will be the highest used item on a timing system, one per car).

HaCo gave it good reviews, I think the system is from Germany or somewhere else in Europe

Looks like someone is doing some research :D

2006.06.30, 10:42 AM
Being an IT guy at work gives me a lot of time to sit around and look over old posts. I ran across the website and saw that it had a review. Just thought I would give some people another option or show them there might be something else out there possibly for the people in Europe? I would love to be able to get the Core system. Hopefully with my new tracks I will be able to get some more interest and be able to raise up some money to help cover the costs but I don't think I could allow myself to spend the money when I just bought the track even though I am really considering it :).