View Full Version : palm runners whaaaa?

2006.06.30, 07:57 PM
does anyone know the deal with these palm runner cars? other then having a very toyish controller are these similer to the mini z's? i mean for the price they dont look pricey but they are made my kyosho so ya i am jw where i can get them online with out the bay.

if you have any links to an estore that has them please give it to me.


2006.06.30, 08:42 PM
paml runners are toy version of the mr-01. they are 2 cell i think and non-proprtional as well. i have one so you think i would know :rolleyes:

they have some pare parts that can be used with an mr-01 including the bodies. you used to be able to buy rare bodies for rather cheap in palm runner kits.

i don't know of any place that still sells them.


2006.06.30, 08:51 PM
hey thanks. you say you have one? is it demolished? any chance you have pictures?

hey keep the thoughts comming i have no idea what these are so im intrested

2006.06.30, 08:57 PM
i would but i can't seem to find my camera right now :(

2006.06.30, 09:30 PM
oh well i am jw are they upgrade....able?

2006.06.30, 09:56 PM
no. unless it has a hard to find body on it that you really want, don't waste your money

2006.06.30, 11:25 PM
hey arch thanks for steering me away from the loss of money. i think ill save up and buy a mr-02 something race worthy

2006.07.01, 09:18 AM
found my camera! here are some pictures.

2006.07.01, 01:13 PM
There like a kid's version of the Mini-Z's.

2006.07.02, 11:15 PM
welcome to 2004. As arch said dont even bother...a terrible version of an outdated model.