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2006.07.05, 12:38 PM
I have used HaCo's RCP design program with good effect (thanks HaCo!) and generated many track layouts. I know that you have to use .png files for CORE, however when I added some png files to the "Tracks" folder under "Lib" folder, nothing appeared except the default layouts available when the program was installed.

There is a "tracks.db" file but I am confused as to where things go etc..

Thanks in advance. I posted here so that others may get access to the answer.

2006.07.05, 04:01 PM
you have to add the pictures and then add the information about the file name into the tracks.db file.

you can open the file using either notepad or wordpad. then simple add the info for the tracks that you are adding. if you look at the top it gives you the format that everything is listed.

Basically just copy the line

Wide-L (x2) Course D | 50cm tile | 1.108 | wideLx2-course-d.png

change the (x2) Course D to the # of tracks used Course A,B,C etc. and then just change the file name to the name of your new track. this will set the pull down so you can select it. you may need to restart the program to see the additional tracks. I have done this so it works fine. One thing you need to do is make sure that the pic is a reasonable size for display otherwise it just goes off the screen as the reference point is fixed. 400 x 300 is a good size to keep it around, anything bigger and you won't see it all.

here is an example of the tracks.db file with some custom tracks added.


Hope this helps you out.


2006.07.05, 04:27 PM
Much appreciated! :)