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2006.07.06, 09:48 AM
The next MC3 (Mini-Car Club of Canada) event is on Sunday, July 16th in the parking lot of Father Michael McGivney Senior High School located at 5300 14th Ave in Markham (Northeast corner of McCowan Road and 14th Avenue). This event is being held in cooperation with ZZHobby. Their store is located at Hwy 7 and Leslie. Directions to their store for parts or car support can be found on their website:


This event will be an open practice session and will cost $5 per person if members cannot help out with either setup or teardown. The CORE laptiming system will be available, for free, for those of you with transponders (courtesy of Toronto Zees) in order to have your laptimes recorded.

Transponders are available for $10 each. Note that there will be no printouts of laptimes, but you can view your laps on site via the laptop screen. I can email you a copy of your laptimes after the event if desired.

Please note the following specifics for this event
o Unfortunately, there will be no power available. However, those of you with 12V chargers can use your car battery. The alternative is to have all your cells charged before the event.
o There are no tables or chairs available on-site.
o A compressor will be available to clean your car
o A main tent will be setup for the computer and my personal pit space. You are welcome to join me under the tent.
o The parking lot belongs to the Markham R/C Club (MRCC). As such, there will be other racers using their cars at the same time (nitro). Their club has a frequency board, which will be used instead of ours, which will be used to avoid frequency conflicts.

If there is rain expected for Sunday, I suggest calling my phone number 647-519-8074 or James at ZZHobby to see if we are still on.

The club does not tolerate irresponsible and destructive behaviour.

2006.07.06, 10:32 AM
time is 1pm to 6pm for the event.

2006.07.06, 12:34 PM
Hmmm no power? :(

pomme de terre
2006.07.15, 06:35 PM
If I cant make it for the setup, but will help with the teardown, is that ok?

pomme de terre
2006.07.16, 06:12 PM
Pictures from today...















2006.07.17, 08:32 AM
Well yesterday was great fun... even though the track temperature was around 120°F and the car's were even hotter. Only got a mild sunburn on my shoulder's, and only one broken part on the car (front steering knuckle). Looking forward to the next get together Sinister...

I took a few pictures, but didn't have the camera set up properly (still haven't figured out how to use it ~ so sorry for two of them being blurry, apparently I let it choose what to focus on, rather than forcing it to focus in the middle... live and learn I guess.)



2006.07.17, 01:10 PM
The practice event this past weekend with ZZHobby was a great success. Everyone, including many new faces, had lots of fun. There were a total of 16 people who attended with 12 active racers.

Thanks go out to Toronto Zees for the free use of the CORE lap timing system for this event.

I was very happy with the performance of the Kyosho MA010 AWD car using the PN Racing 98mm extension kit and a Kyosho Lamborghini Murcielago body. It was using the stock gear diffs as well. ZZhobby now carry PN racing parts.

Pictures from fellow club members, “Pomme de Terre”(Jon) and Paul, can found above.

The next planned event is probably going to be Saturday, July 29th. I will communicate times and the place for the event next week.

Thanks to all for a great event. Hope to see you soon.

I can be contacted if you have any questions or concerns:
-mobile: 647-519-8074
-emaill: Sinister_Y@sympatico.ca

2006.07.17, 01:34 PM
Nice pictures,

You guys look pretty serious up there in Canada. Helios extensions and custom paint jobs all over the place. Looks like fun!

2006.07.18, 02:14 PM
Yeah there are a bunch (even me) that have the best stuff. Some of them are really great drivers (sinister being one of them.) [Me on the other hand, am terribly inconsistent at driving... one fast lap and then 2 laps of pin-ball like driving.]

There is also people with near stock equipment... so it's a varied group.

It was a lot of fun, despite the brutal heat (track temp was 120°F... not bad for Canada eh?) ;)


2006.07.18, 04:04 PM
There is also people with near stock equipment... so it's a varied group.

aka me :p

Anyways, that was a lot of fun, thank you to sinister for organizing such events

heres my car :cool:


2006.07.19, 08:37 AM
Actually... your car was pretty hooked up in the turns, you just needed a bit more power for the back straight.

Mind you, that Red Enzo above was glued to the track... so much so, it was a little weird, especially since it was mostly stock.


pomme de terre
2006.07.23, 11:34 PM
Heres a video I put together of some footage I got on that day... not too long, only about 2min.

now lets hope I get my car running in time for the next event :rolleyes:

2006.07.24, 09:16 AM
That is AWESOME! Great work, Pomme!

Thanks for doing the video for the club.