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2006.07.08, 02:34 PM
I think you would sell alot more stuff if you had pics of what it looks like, i know you have pics of some but theres alot without pics.
Just a thought. :D

2006.07.08, 02:51 PM
yes, if you do a search on teh subject you wouls see that is THE most common complaint and one which is being addressed in the new shop which you now see and use

2006.07.08, 04:00 PM
That's good cause I come across the same problem. No pictures of parts your looking at. I understand it's alot of hard work, but it does make shopping easier.

2006.07.09, 07:46 AM
Totally agree.. That's the main reason I often feel reluctant buying stuff from this store, because I am not sure what I am buying without seeing the picture. It is big turn off for people who like to do a lot of window shopping before they decided to buy (like myself). I think there are tons of parts in this store, but lacking picture for most of the parts would really affect the business.

2006.07.09, 10:12 AM
It's like your girlfriend trying to window shop at the streets but all the stores windows are tinted dark! LOL!

2006.07.09, 10:36 AM
Guys like Arch said, this has been discussed in many many threads. The shop has (somewhat recently) launched a major update, which includes all of the pictures you see now. Many people have already complained about this in many threads, and it is being addressed. Only one guy runs the shop, and so it takes a bit of time.

2006.07.09, 10:39 AM
the issue is many of the new guys never used the old shop thus have no basisi form comparison regarding progress. it's soooo much better now than it was before :) and we are still working on it.

2006.07.09, 11:30 AM
We're trying really hard, we've added a ton of pics, but wouldn't you know it manufacturers keep coming out w/ new stuff! If anyone would like to help update, let me know and we can send you the tools to do so, all you need is an MZR Gallery album and an Excel spreadsheet which we'll send you. :)

2006.07.09, 12:34 PM
Its easy to do.. I was supose to help do it lol... blame me for being too stupid to understand it right off the bat... but its hard to ad a pic file when u dont have the pic file ;).